New Podcast: „Energy Districts“

Prepared by
Digital City Unit Leipzig

Do you already know the German podcast „Urbane Daten in vernetzten Städten und Regionen/Urban Data in connected Cities and Regions“? Today we can already announce the third episode with the title „Energiequartiere/Energy Districts“! The episode can be found on Spotify (external link), as well as on the Digital Campus (external link). It is in German language and you can listen to it for free.

The new episode with Dr. Beate Ginzel (Digital City Unit Leipzig) and Uwe Fischer (Stadtwerke Leipzig) is all about our future energy supply for the city of Leipzig. With simulated and digital energy districts this future is already depicted in the framework of SPARCS. The virtual energy districts show how Leipzig will not be provided with energy from coal-fired power stations but with the help of many small miniature power plants. The experts in this podcast also draw attention to the options for consumers and explain why the topic is so exciting for private and commercial tenants in Leipzig.

Have fun listening!