CIVITAS Study Visit – Bratislava

05/10/2020 - 07/10/2020

Smart Mobility

The Slovak capital is striving to support and promote car-independent lifestyles to its citizens and put pedestrians and cyclists first.

The city’s vision for sustainable mobility – called “Plan Bratislava” – is based on four main pillars: putting pedestrians first; a healthy city with cyclists; high-quality urban transport in the city; and smart car usage (e.g. car sharing).

One of Bratislava’s key priorities is to find innovative solutions related to different kinds of non-motorised transport and to encourage citizens to travel using modes other than the car.

This should lead to a safer and healthier living environment and public spaces. Within this context, the study visit will demonstrate several city projects aimed at transforming public spaces previously used by cars into car-free zones for all.

Moreover, it will focus on the partnership between the city and relevant civil society initiatives, promoting the sustainable mobility achievements arising from this blossoming relationship, particularly in relation to cycling.