Grafting Cities – Energy Cities Annual Conference

26/06/24 - 27/06/24

Location: Valecia, Spain

2024 Edition

We are organising the 2024 edition of “Grafting Cities”, our annual conference on 26, and 27 June 2024. It will take place in the city of Valencia, the 2024 European Green Capital.

With this edition, we invite our members to reveal their cities, showcasing what they are doing to « graft » their municipalities and showing how local communities are transforming urban fabrics.

“Grafting Cities”, what’s behind this concept?

Grafting cities is about writing a new story for the city’s future; reinventing each city based on what already exists; revealing how a place can flourish by building on its assets and adjusting them; transforming our cities, street by street, house by house, and place by place, to boost diversity and resiliency.

For each city, any strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, 2040 or 2050 will only be possible if the “graft” is successful. Grafting is something of an art. It has been around for thousands of years, and there is something magical about it…

Revealing cities

With our conference, we want to reveal what transformations are already in action. Throughout the two days, we will explore with municipalities the strengths of each region, to reveal the invisible: a project that has led to great changes, the real cities’ needs that protect against the risks of climate change, or the lacking infrastructures to meet the needs.