Replicable and Scalable – Use Cases from the Sharing Cities Project



For this event, BABLE GmbH brings together key players in the Sharing Cities Project in London, to focus directly on how to scale and replicate such projects.


Programme Manager, Sharing Cities, London PMO

Jem McKenna-Percy manages the partnership for the Horizon 2020 Sharing Cities programme which tests a range of integrated smart technologies across London, Lisbon and Milan. Involving partners from government, industry and academia, the Sharing Cities collaboration harnesses data to help address some of the most pressing urban challenges facing today’s cities.

Programme Manager, Sharing Cities, Digital Greenwich

Sarah is passionate about decarbonising the energy system, tackling climate change, and improving local services and lives. Currently programme manager for the EU Sharing Cities Programme. Developing and delivering low carbon projects and trialling new technologies and approaches. Previously a consultant for the United Nations, researching climate change mitigation.

Urban Market Transformation Expert, Founding Partner, UrbanDNA

Global, transformation, and cities are red threads that run through much of Graham’s career. Graham is a founding partner for UrbanDNA, a specialist partnership focused on urban market transformation. Graham has advised, shaped, and led multiple delivery programmes for multi-laterals, national governments, (groups of) cities, and industrials seeking to make step-change improvements in the cities market. Graham brings leadership, innovation, and dynamism to his work – with a passion for seeing the delivery of better market and societal outcomes as a result. A committed urban acupuncturist.