Replicate Final Conference



REPLICATE project, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastian and with a consortium made up of 38 partners, has finished in January 2021 after 5 year of duration. Fomento San Sebastián (Economic Impulse Councilor) is organising the project final conference (online format). 

The event will start with an institutional welcome and the presentation of the European Commission and then an expert in smart cities will share the vision and challenges of the future of the smart cities. Several speakers will go deeper in the Smart Cities model. The implementations carried out by the partners in the cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol will be showcased. Other cross-cutting activities that are important for the development of the smart cities will be also presented. A session with other lighthouse projects will close the event.

The event will gather stakeholders from the European Smart ecosystem, that will go deeper on the Smart City model.