Smart City e intelligenza artificiale



The webinar, as part of the Sustainable Development Goal n. 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), aimed at ensuring sustainable and inclusive urban development, addresses the issue of smart cities, with particular attention to the use of innovative technologies.

On this topic, concrete use cases are presented on:

Internet of things and how sensors can be a tool to act in real time and acquire data
Blockchain as a tool to simplify bureaucracy, sharing information and services in a simplified and transparent way up to managing their governance
Artificial Intelligence is the technology that will be able to manage the immense amount of data to make the smart city act like a living organism
The transition towards the Smart City is a global challenge, which requires a serious and constant commitment from all stakeholders (citizens, businesses and institutions), to ensure sustainable and intelligent development of urban communities, which is capable of adequately respond to the needs of increasingly complex cities with new challenges.
The webinar aims to provide support to all stakeholders involved in the development of cities and municipalities, specifically the goal is to offer use cases that help the development and adoption of innovative technologies for the creation of smart-city projects and the management of the resulting complexities.