Smart City Expo Poland

18/10/2023- 19/10/2023

Location: Łódź, Poland
Smart Mobility

We invite manufacturers and distributors of solutions from the following industries and areas to cooperate in the organization of the fair and accompanying events:

  • IoT

  • renewable energy sources,

  • smart metering,

  • smart monitoring,

  • energy storage methods, 

  • e-mobility (electric cars and charging systems), 

  • anti-smog technologies and solutions,

  • low-emission urban transport (hybrid solutions, electric hydrogen, CNG/LNG),

  • mobile applications for residents, 

  • e-payment, 

  • e-office, 

  • energy-saving urban lighting, 

  • closed system economy and modern methods of raw material processing, 

  • urban infrastructure management systems, 

  • urban monitoring, 

  • maintaining order and cleanliness,

  • innovative solutions for small infrastructure,

  • solutions in the field of road engineering (modern surfaces of paths and roads, road markings, traffic lights, etc.),

  • solutions in the field of building infrastructure management,