SPARCS: Buddy class & youth engagement webinar


Location: Espoo, Finland
Citizen Engagement

Empowering Espoo’s Youth: Sustainable Urban Solutions Through Student Engagement

On January 30, 2024, RIL, Citycon, and the City of Espoo are hosting a webinar centered on citizen engagement. The event will shine a spotlight on the successful buddyclass activities carried out in Espoo. These activities, spanning three years, involved upper secondary students from Espoonlahti and Maininki schools. Together, they explored various aspects of urban development and worked towards achieving energy positivity. The City of Espoo, along with Citycon Oyj, orchestrated the buddyclass activities, utilizing the urban center Lippulaiva as a developmental hub for sustainable solutions under the SPARCS project. Notably, students were actively involved in shaping the services and communal spaces of the new shopping center. The webinar will be held in Finnish.