SPARCS Replication Strategy Webinar


Smart Cities

In 2021, SPARCS will organise a series of webinars on topics related to sustainable energy positive and zero carbon communities.

To begin with, we are excited to invite you to participate in the SPARCS first webinar, where we will introduce and explain the SPARCS Replication strategy. SPARCS is a Horizon 2020 project with a Lighthouse & Fellow City structure and therefore replication is a very important aspect within the project. In the webinar, the replication leaders Fraunhofer IAO & Bable will explain how Fellow Cities Reykjavik, Kladno, Kifissia, Maia and Lviv are taken through the City Lab & Project Development process to co-create smart city solutions, how the smart city training gives the opportunity to city representatives to gain further knowledge on transformation towards a smart city and how Lighthouse & Fellow Cities exchange knowledge through workshops & webinars. Apart from the task leaders, city representatives will share their experiences and lessons learned for smart city transformation. Throughout the webinar, there will be plenty of room for discussion & questions.

Tentative agenda:

  • City Lab replication method: Towards an Implementation plan 
  • Reykjavik & Maia Experiences
  • Interoperable Solutions, Smart city Training & Project Development
  • Workshops & Webinar outlook

You are also invited to save the date for the next SPARCS webinars:​

  • April 2021 – SPARCS Business Models and Financing Mechanisms 
  • June 2021 – SPARCS KPIs for Replication 
  • September 2021 – SPARCS City Vision

We look forward to seeing you at our first webinar on 21 January!