Stardust final event

28/02/2024- 29/02/2024

Location: Pamplona, Spain
Smart Cities

From 28 to 29 February, the city of Pamplona will host Stardust’s final conference. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical visits, the project partners will come together to portray the legacy of this major 6-year Smart City project. 

It will mark the end of the project and the beginning of a new era of climate neutrality in the cities that can be more ecological, more citizen-centered, and more intelligent in approach.

We will walk you through our actions and achievements in the three Lighthouse cities, PamplonaTampere, and Trento.

Then we will look at how these measures have been adapted and replicated in the Follower cities of Cluj-NapocaDerry, and Kozani.

The event will bring together representatives of fellow projects, key European stakeholders, and policymakers from different countries.