Urban Transport Conference 2023

27/03/2023 - 28/03/2023


Follow the presentations of experts from research, private companies, public administrations and politics. International speakers and participants support various sustainable transport solutions and address innovative approaches in the field of urban freight and passenger transport. The event is primarily targeted at scientists and companies who would like to share and further develop their concepts, ideas and research results. This year, the main focus will be on how to apply sustainable transport and mobility solutions in the face of rising energy prices. For this purpose, the UTC offers especially energy companies and suppliers, e-bike manufacturers and consulting companies the opportunity to present their current problems and explain how they deal with them. The topic of e-mobility will also be an important point at our event. On the other hand, there will also be scientists who will discuss the consequences of high energy prices and how best to deal with them. We want to create an event with interdisciplinary exchange on current topics. Have we aroused your interest?