A drawing contest designed to make us think about a sustainable future
31 march 2022 | Location: Leipzig

The first two years of the SPARCS-project have been concentrated on developing technical solutions supporting the transformation of neighbourhoods into energy-positive communities. Various technical solutions such as photovoltaics, a solar heat system, smart home devices, and mobile apps were developed by the technical partners of the Leipzig consortium to be implemented in Leipzig demo district Dunckerviertel. 

Now, after the official introduction and smaller participation activities, the Leipzig consortium has come up with a way to engage children and in a broader sense their parents too. A drawing contest with the main focus on children at the age of 3 – 10 years, though older children are welcome to join as well, will be performed. Starting at the beginning of May, children will have the possibility to draw a picture with the question: “What does your home look like in a future where the polar bear and the bee also have a place in this world?” in mind. The question prompts children to consider a future where people prioritize the environment, where people have learned from their mistakes and tackle the world’s most “burning” crisis together, the climate crisis. Through the engagement of a younger generation, the aim is to also achieve a change of mind in the parents, since people are more concerned when it affects their children. The focus is set on children in the Leipzig demo district since communication strategies include posters at schools and daycare centres in the neighbourhood as well as flyers via direct mail, however, others are welcome to join as well. An award ceremony will be performed on the 16th of June 2022, at the Market of Possibilities (Ger. Markt der Möglichkeiten), an event that is mainly conducted as part of a different project, an energetic district concept. The location of this district includes the SPARCS demo district and thematically overlaps with the SPARCS project as well as it plans a climate-friendly local development. At the Market of Possibilities, the habitants will have the chance to get information about the two projects and get to talk about the future. As part of this synergistic event, partners of the Leipzig consortium will also be represented.