Business model co-creation playbook by KONE
19 august 2022
Citizen Engagement

Based on lessons learned from the business design workshops (4-8/2021), KONE produced a business design co-creation handbook in collaboration with Embassy of Design. A guiding question for the work was, “How can we design business models that are desirable, viable, feasible, and sustainable for people, the planet, and businesses?”

The developed handbook is a practical guide to inspiring and supporting the co-creation of business models, and it is created for planning, building, and executing co-creation session with various stakeholder groups in a remote environment.

The business design method presented in the playbook includes three phases or modules – planning, execution, analyze & report – and a set of final deliverables. The playbook provides insights and experiences on co-creation project planning and objective setting, tools and tips for facilitating online co-creation workshops with different stakeholders, as well as methods for analyzing and reporting results.

By using co-creation as an approach and by inviting different external stakeholder groups to be a part of concept development, companies and organizations can make better decisions about how to evaluate and improve their ideas. Benefits of co-creation in a business context also include improved quality of concepts, transparency of concept development, possibilities to meet and interact with end-users and potential partners, as well as community-building opportunities for citizens.

You can find the handbook below.