CrAFting Cities Together with SPARCS
07 june 2023

Bologna, the historic city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels, hosted the latest event CrAFting Cities Together, from 23-25 May, bringing together diverse actors to explore sustainable urban development and collaborative solutions.

Key representatives from the CrAFt project, CrAFt cities, NEB Lighthouse projects, Cities Missions, other NEB community members, representatives from the European Commission, and students involved in the project attended the event.

CVUT is a WP leader in the CrAFt project responsible for Mutual Learning Exercise to cross-fertilize and multiply the expertise of the participating cities. SPARCS cities Espoo and Kladno are involved in CrAFt Cities network to share their transformative experiences and project lessons learned.

One of the main event activities was an engaging workshop that showcased the sandbox cities of Amsterdam, Bologna, and Prague. Participants shared captivating stories and showcased transformative experiences using objects on display. Discussions were held on the elements that contribute to transformative experiences and effective methods for knowledge transfer between cities.


Fondazione Innovazione Urbana presented its work with residents and stakeholders. Particularly noteworthy was their establishment of the Citizens’ Climate Assembly, an initiative aimed at achieving climate neutrality by 2030. Their presentation offered valuable insights into engaging communities and fostering collaboration to tackle climate-related challenges.

A series of collaborative workshops took place, focusing on the goals of the NEB and how all participants could actively contribute to them. These workshops employed creative methodologies, including role-playing and various perspectives, such as those of citizens, artists, scientists, and city councillors.

During the event, participants were introduced to the CrAFt’s Cookbook, a comprehensive compilation of insights and guidance derived from webinars conducted earlier in 2023. The Cookbook serves as a guide to collaborative governance, equipping cities with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful urban transformation. Furthermore, the NEB Policy Support Alliance was unveiled, showcasing a collaborative approach to policy advocacy at local, national, and European levels. The alliance strives to address the policy needs of cities and their stakeholders as they embark on their journey towards climate neutrality, with a focus on ensuring beauty, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Two tours were organized as part of CrAFting Cities Together. The first tour highlighted the uniqueness of DumBO space. This vibrant space offers a multifunctional environment for art, culture, social gatherings, sports, and co-working. The second tour provided valuable insights into the DRIVE 0 project. Participants had the opportunity to visit the Argeato site.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban delivered an inspiring talk. He is well known for his sustainable design principles.