CVUT successfully finished the first series of Positive Energy Districts workshops
SPARCS Regional
25 february 2021 | Location: Kladno
Positive Energy Districts

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT) organised the third expert workshop on the positive energy districts topic. It was the final in the first three-part series aimed at sharing specific experience in local energy project.

The meeting was held on the 5th of November 2020 as the last of the pilot series of the seminars “Mutual Learning Exercise Czech Republic” organised under auspices of the European Energy Research Alliance. The seminar called Positive Energy Districts III: Cooperation Models for the Czech Republic was held in close cooperation with the SPARCS project. The goal of the workshops was to identify opportunities and challenges about practical steps leading to PED implementation. Group of cities, developers, energy companies and multidisciplinary expert teams searched together for concrete solutions and mutual inspiration. “We focused on the specific issue of win-win cooperation formats in the municipality – industry – citizens triple helix. We found that in spite of the implementation of the Winter Package in the area of energy communities trailing behind, Prague, Kladno or Česká Lípa are quite advanced in the realisation of concrete projects”.

35 representatives of cities, industry and leading experts, met at the online event. Speakers were representants of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, who presented the MIT CZ approach to positive energy districts. The economist Wojciech Belch from CVUT UCEEB presented cooperation models in local energy projects. The former Minister of Environment Martin Bursík spoke at the event as the representant of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources with a presentation of the development of energy community project in the capital city of Prague.

Director of the District Building and Apartment Co-op (OSBD, Okresní stavební bytové družstvo) Česká Lípa, Petr Mertin presented to the participants the process of investment of the co-op into the shareholder structure of the company ČLT (Českolipská teplárenská, the district heating operator in the Northern Bohemian city Česká Lípa). The coordinator of the SPARCS project in Kladno David Škorňa presented news from the preparation of the positive energy district.