Digitised Exhibitions at Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
25 february 2021 | Location: Leipzig
Smart Cities Urban Planning Digitalisation

Exciting news from Leipzigs’ demo district Baumwollspinnerei: In addition to energy related intervention by SPARCS at the Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei demo district, the site is also the venue for innovative solutions in the cultural sector as implified by the motto “from cotton to culture”.

With the digitalization of exhibition rooms and galleries on the terrain of the from cotton mill, the start-up Walter’s Cube created a virtual walking tour. The company was founded in New York and digitalizes exhibitions in 3D and with 360-degree panoramic views. Virtual reality applications and mobile or desktop perspectives create a completely new kind of access to the exhibitions. The user has the feeling of being directly on site. Eleven galleries at Baumwollspinnerei have now been digitalized so one can enjoy art at international level online. The start-up was supported by the Digital City Unit of the City of Leipzig, the local coordinator of the SPARCS interventions.