E-mobility in Kladno: first steps done, great plans ahead of us
SPARCS Regional
30 august 2021 | Location: Kladno
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Public transport in Kladno already includes gas-powered buses. In addition, transport operator ČSAD MHD Kladno has also been putting two electric buses into service and another bus fleet is under plans. Shared electric bikes have also returned to the streets of the city.

The buses are equipped with modern technologies. The conditions for facilitating the transport of handicapped passengers are obvious, the external and internal information system also helps the partially sighted. Moms with strollers will use the flip-flop at the front door. The comfort inside the vehicle is provided by the low floor version, air conditioning, and for example, the possibility of connecting to a Wi-Fi network. On one full charge will last roughly 180 km, recuperation increases the range by another 20 %. The city of Kladno, together with the operator also plans to acquire 16 more electric buses in 2022 or 2023, incl. fast charge technology and a great partnership between private operator, city and other partners has been developed for this purpose.

Climate protection in Kladno has been also tackled by sharing electric bikes. Inhabitants of all ages can use them. They are intended to help further reduce the number of cars in the city. The service is provided by the company Nextbike, which already operates in 26 countries around the world, including 21 Czech cities. The contract with the supplier includes the provision of 100 electric bikes, as well as a simple system for registering and lending them. The service team provides daily care for the technical condition and optimum positioning of the bikes around the city.