Energy Communities, Everything you need to know”
03 june 2022 | Location: Kifissia

The Municipality of Kifissia, via the SPARCS H2020 project, along with the HERON ENERGY member of the DECIDE4energy project, co-organized the event “Energy Communities Everything you need to know”. The event took place at the Town Hall of Kifissia city on Saturday 14th May 2022 and was open to all interested parties including the local authorities, environmental entities, the energy sector, and the citizens. Representatives from the DECIDE4energy, the SPARCS,  GREENPEACE,  GENEVERST and  Elin Verd attended the event and spoke about collective energy actions, the challenges, the needs and the long-term benefits for the economy and the environment.

The discussion was followed by an open dialogue with the citizens and ended with an interactive game “The Power of Community” designed by the DECIDE4energy aspiring to engage the future citizens to democratic participation for clean and collective energy.