Energy evening and energy walks as part of citizen engagement in Espoo 
27 may 2024 | Location: Espoo
Citizen Engagement Energy

On April 10th, an energy evening for the residents was organized in Lippulaiva library. The aim of the event was to provide the people of Espoo with information, inspiration, and learnings especially on the topic of sustainable energy. In the same week, energy walks were organized where different energy solutions of Lippulaiva and Sello became familiar to the residents. 


Something for everyone – Energy evening offered activities to all ages   


The Lippulaiva library served as a low-threshold meeting place, where the residents could stop by and listen to expert talks based on their interest. The topics were, among others, Espoo’s sustainable development work, regional development in Espoonlahti and energy-positive areas. In addition, residents got to hear about concrete sustainable energy solutions, such as the utilization of geothermal energy in urban centre Lippulaiva and energy efficiency solutions of Espoon Asunnot (Espoo Apartments). 

The event also had a play corner for families with children and a game demonstration illustrating urban planning. In addition, HSY’s Climateinfo participated in the event, offering concrete energy advice and tips for a more sustainable everyday life. The event attracted people from Espoo of different ages. 


Diving deeper – Energy walks allowed residents to ”peek behind the curtain”  


During the walking tours, the residents were introduced to the energy-efficient and intelligent solutions of Sello and Lippulaiva, which have been implemented as part of the SPARCS project. Residents were able to look behind the scenes of the centers’ by getting to know their solar panels, machine rooms, and learning about the power balance of the national electricity grid. 

On the energy walks, residents could hear the centers’ energy solutions and innovation, which you may not have thought about in everyday life, even if the centers are otherwise familiar. For example, in Sello, smart ventilation system measures the carbon dioxide content of the air and directs fresh air to where its most needed. In Lippulaiva, on the other hand, the solar panels are discreetly hidden in the facade of the building and produce renewable energy for the use of the center. 


Towards climate neutral Espoo with smart energy solutions  


Espoo is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030. As heating of the buildings is one of the major emission sources in Espoo, the activities towards climate neutrality focuses especially on the transition to renewable energy production, energy efficiency and energy use related investments. One of the major action is Espoo’s Clean Heat commitment with Fortum, aiming for carbon-neutral district heating by 2030. 

Espoo acts as a pioneer on sustainable development, and this goal is being pursued together with residents and partners. The residents’ participation is key to achieving the goals, as the views and input of the residents are also decisive in building a sustainable future. Espoo’s effort towards carbon neutrality is indeed a journey together that requires everyone’s participation and commitment.