Espoo: The City as an Environment for New Business Development
22 september 2022 | Location: Espoo
Smart Cities

In SPARCS project, the City of Espoo examines possibilities that can support new business development in relation to the project demonstrations and smart city development in general. This paper presents the City of Espoo’s current modes and processes of supporting and attracting new business development in the city. The paper briefly presents the general aims for business development support from the city’s strategy 2017-2021 (called the ‘Espoo Story’) and the ‘city as a platform’ approach utilized in the city’s service design and development; the results from annual surveys about Espoo as an operational environment for businesses from the enterprises’ viewpoints; the Business Espoo service network for companies and entrepreneurs in Espoo, formed of multiple organizations, that support business development in the city; the cooperation through externally funded sustainable development projects that aim to tackle the city ambitious carbon neutrality targets and other facets of sustainable development; and the business development process that takes place through the city’s strategic cooperation with different organizations.