Exploring Urban Innovation in Espoo: SPARCS in Kera Talks!
19 january 2024 | Location: Espoo
Urban transformation

Held for the third time, on 29th of November 2023, Kera Talks! event dove into the latest innovations in sustainable urban development, explored from the perspectives of cities, businesses, and research through presentations and discussions. Organized and hosted by the City of Espoo at the Kera Halls and remotely online, the occasion catered to a diverse audience keen on sustainable urban development. The primary objective of the event was to expand the impact of the Kera region, promote Espoo’s sustainable urban development efforts, and foster dialogue among various stakeholders.

Notably, Toni Tukia from KONE Oyj shared insights into the Future of Mobility Hubs in his presentation. He highlighted eight major drivers shaping the future of urban mobility, and this way highlighted SPARCS’ broader impact, showcasing its influence on innovation and progress within the critical domain of urban mobility. SPARCS was also present at the event with a small stand where participants could learn more about the project and take home some additional material.

Other presentations in the event focused on the potential of temporary use of spaces as a catalyst for sustainable urban development, urban activism, resident interaction in area development, biodiversity efforts in sustainable urban development and socio-cultural inclusion and its role in shaping urban planning policy.

Kera Talks! not only showcased the current state of sustainable urban development but also reinforced Kera’s commitment to becoming a transformative force in the global landscape. Kera is about to become a global example of circular economy principles and digital solutions, redefining urban living for the future. As Kera continues to evolve, the journey towards a sustainable and interconnected urban future gains momentum.

About Kera

Situated in Espoo, Kera is transforming from an underdeveloped industrial area into a vibrant residential district accommodating 14,000 residents and providing employment for 10,000 individuals. Kera’s location by the railway and focus on walking and cycling ensures ecological and convenient mobility. Kera will be a pilot site for innovative and emission-free energy solutions, such as district-level carbon free heating. Kera is also one of the three SPARCS demonstration sites in Espoo. Learn more about Kera here.