A city-shaped lake in the middle of a lush forest as a metaphor for eco-friendly urbanism and modern green living in general. 3D rendering.
08 april 2024 | Location: Espoo
sustainable energy solutions sustainable urban development

How can cities nurture urban transformation towards sustainable urban environments to mitigate climate change? What kind of solutions, practices and processes are related to the future of energy solutions in the built environment? These and other questions are explored by five different Finnish Lighthouse projects in a joint article titled “Sustainable energy solutions for cities”, published in RIL’s Rakennustekniikka journal (#01/2024). 

Within this article, each project offers unique perspectives and insights:

  • SPARCS project and the City of Espoo: Highlight the utilization of digital city models to foster positive energy district (PED) development.
  • City of Oulu: Introduces a cost-effective energy system solution from the MAKINGCITY project.
  • RESPONSE project and the City of Turku: Present a case study on an innovative energy system within a local building block.
  • NEUTRALPATH project and the City of Vantaa: Outline ambitious goals for innovative climate neutrality pilots in their designated district.
  • City of Tampere and VTT: Share findings from a solar energy study conducted as part of the STARDUST project.

For those interested in exploring the full article, it is available in Finnis here.