Kifissia introduces new smart sensors monitoring system
SPARCS Kifissia
30 may 2023 | Location: Kifissia
Smart Cities Digitalisation Urban transformation

The city of Kifissia has installed a smart sensors monitoring system within the scope of SPARCS to reduce emissions and save water and energy.

The first phase of the project includes the installation of air quality sensors and weather sensors together with a pilot system for fire prevention.

Three air quality sensors measuring SO2, O3, NO2, CO, PM2,5, PM10 & CO2 are installed on the rooftops of municipal buildings, each in one of the three municipal units covering most of the city.

The pilot fire prevention system has been installed in the forestalled area in the northern part of the city –  Fasideri. Thanks to the monitoring platform, it is possible to extract data, set up alarms and establish each sensor’s exact location and status.

During the project’s second phase, smart irrigation sensors will also be installed. Due to its vast green areas, the city consumes a lot of energy and water for irrigation.

The smart irrigation system will measure the humidity and, by taking into account the data from the air quality and weather sensors, will help reduce the consumption of energy, water and CO2 emissions.

The goal is that this monitoring system will be the first step of a complete city monitoring system with smart features enabling urban management and energy efficiency.