25 february 2021 | Location: Kladno

The Kladno City Vision workshop took place on October 15th. The city of Kladno and Czech Technical University (CTU UCEEB) prepared on-line meeting focusing on the overall vision of the city, particularly on energy, climate, mobility and other areas in which the city wants to develop its potential and look for investment opportunities. The workshop was unique for several reasons. First, it took place online using modern tools. Second, it provided a space for wide discussion (around 40 participants were attending the meeting – companies and major employers from the region, research or innovation institutions, associations, public representatives, energy distributors or providers of major services and other experts). Finally, it also confirmed the interest of partners in the development of the city which would be perceived as a main input for future work.

The workshop successfully followed the establishment of the Energy Development Platform in the city. The platform brings together representatives of the public, private, research, non-profit sectors and dozens of other stakeholders. The formulation of the future vision, strategic priorities and individual projects are thus firmly anchored within the complex ecosystem of energy development and related sectors in the city.

The workshop had a simple goal: to discuss and determine the first outlines of the city’s vision until 2050, incl. design of strategic areas. Thanks to the participants who are representing both public and private interests. the goal was achieved. The discussion, which was very interactive and creative thanks to modern tools and methods, brought interesting suggestions and opinions on the future development of the city. The discussion also touched on an alternative and innovative concept in the city, such as the decentralization of the heating system, the use of waste as an energy source, the possible solutions with regard to the future termination of mining and the use of coal, and the construction of a strong central source supplying the city. Future proposals were also made in the area of mobility, digital connectivity and the modelling of the services for citizens.

Results from workshop incl. determination of the next steps will be found on the city website later on.