Last SPARCS Energy Consultation Session in Duncker District
SPARCS Leipzig
06 june 2024 | Location: Leipzig

On May 6th, 2024,  the last energy consultation session as part of the SPARCS project took place once again in the Duncker district. The evening was focused on energy saving and was organized by Caritas, the Leipzig Housing and Construction Company (LWB), and the seecon engineers.

After a brief introduction to the SPARCS project and the successes and insights achieved in recent years by the LWB, Caritas gave an interactive presentation on energy saving. The engaging topic and the questions about energy saving in households  encouraged participation, reflection, and further inquiries. This led to an exchange of experience and opinions among all participants even after the presentation. Particularly popular in this energy consultation session was the topic of so-called balcony power plants or balcony photovoltaic systems. However, topics such as proper ventilation in winter (short but intense airing) or the most energy-efficient way to heat water (preferably with a kettle) were also covered. In the end, all questions were answered, and all participants were able to immediately put their new knowledge into practice at home.

Stay tuned for the final SPARCS event in Duncker district on August 25th.