Leipzig Duncker Neighbourhood Takes Strides Toward Sustainable Living and Energy Efficiency
20 october 2023 | Location: Leipzig
Energy efficiency

The Duncker neighbourhood kicked off the heating season by organizing an informative energy consultation event. On October 5, 2023, residents gathered for valuable insights on energy-saving practices. The event featured expert guidance from Caritasverband Leipzig e.V. and Verbraucherzentrale e.V., covering topics ranging from efficient fridge use to proper heating and ventilation techniques. Attendees had ample opportunities to pose questions, exchange best practices, and schedule further consultations with the partners.

The session concluded with an exciting update on the SPARCS project by Wohnen & Service Leipzig GmbH. The Duncker neighbourhood has already taken substantial steps towards becoming an energy-positive community. Measures such as digital heating regulation and PV modules on select buildings in Beckerstraße have significantly reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Moreover, in late September 2023, the Dunckerviertel neighbourhood meeting point served as a hub for sustainability and water scarcity discussions. Families and community members of all ages engaged with these crucial topics through a free screening of the film “Konferenz der Tiere,” made possible with the support of Landesfilmdienst Sachsen e.V.

These initiatives represent just a fraction of the diverse activities fostered by Leipzig and its European partners within the EU-funded SPARCS project. seecon Ingenieure is committed to organizing events that increase awareness about these vital subjects among both adults and children. Looking ahead to 2024, two “Energy Consultation” sessions and another film screening, alongside a neighbourhood farewell celebration, are in the pipeline.

The SPARCS project plays a pivotal role in Leipzig’s transformation into a modern city of the future, emphasizing smart connectivity, carbon neutrality, and quality of life for all residents. The Dunckerviertel district, situated in Leipzig’s western region, serves as a model for this sustainable vision. Collaboration with the local community stands at the core of efforts to develop an eco-conscious, climate-responsible residential area.