There is a playground area for kids promoting sustainable energy solutions and waste management in Lippulaiva. Kids under the age of seven can practice waste recycling and learn about sustainable energy solutions. Source: Citycon Oyj
21 march 2023 | Location: Espoo
Urban transformation

The new urban centre Lippulaiva was opened in March 2022 in the growing Suur-Espoonlahti area.

There are approximately 100 different shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as private and public services. Lippulaiva focuses on a strong grocery and daily shopping service offering, and it has one of the largest grocery store concentrations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Anchor tenants include the Espoonlahti regional library, kindergarten, fitness centre and all of Finland’s major grocery trade operators. The gross leasable area in the shopping centre is 44.000 square meters.

In addition to the shopping centre part, the 150,000-square-meter complex of Lippulaiva includes eight residential buildings. Lippulaiva marks the first time that Citycon has conducted its own rental housing production. The location of Citycon’s residential buildings is unique, close to services, nature and the sea, and the apartments on the top floors have a stunning sea view.

Lippulaiva is easy to reach with any mode of transport. The metro runs directly under the shopping centre and the brand-new bus terminal is integrated to the centre. The Espoonlahti metro station opened in December 2022 and the bus terminal in February 2023.

Citycon invested 124 AC charging stations (22 kW) and 10 DC charging spots (90 kW) to Lippulaiva customers and residents. Charging stations have been available to customer since the opening of Lippulaiva.

Parking facilities for bikes are provided in Lippulaiva. There are ca. 1 400 bicycle racks of which about 550 are covered. In addition, a warm storage room for 20 bicycles and repair station for bicycles are provided for customers. Electric bikes can also be charged at Lippulaiva. There is room for bicycles both on the grounds and in the heated and covered bicycle parking area with facilities for repairing bikes.

Lippulaiva is the flagship of the sustainable building with local carbon-free energy production: Lippulaiva has the largest geothermal heating and cooling facility for a commercial building in Europe. The geoenergy plant was already up and running during the construction period. Its operation after the opening of the shopping centre has been flawless. So far, there has been no need to use district heating, but instead the need for heat and cooling has been covered by local renewable energy. During the first operation year, it has been important to pay attention to adjustments and proper use of the building. This optimization work will be continued during year 2023.

There are green roof and solar panels on the roof of Lippulaiva. PV panels started to provide energy in May 2022. An energy storage in Lippulaiva is used to optimize electricity usage and participating in electricity reserve markets. Energy loads are managed and optimized with a smart microgrid system. Based on the first operation year, energy storage and the smart microgrid system seem to be profitable solutions.

Citycon has conducted citizen engagement activities in multiple ways during the Lippulaiva project: e.g. Buddy Class actions, buddy family actions and cooperation with Discovering Youth Work. Planning on co-creation workshops with local youngsters and families in Lippulaiva area has taken place. Citycon has arranged Buddy Class meeting with theme of sustainability in Lippulaiva. The meetings covered the following topics: “My Lippulaiva”/planning together, city walk in Espoonlahti, sustainable mobility and designing recycle bins for Lippulaiva library. In addition, two construction site visits were arranged for the pupils.

Lippulaiva was awarded for its sustainability by Finnish Council of Shopping Centers in fall 2022. The jury appreciated especially the involvement of families and young people in the surrounding areas in the development of the centre already during the construction phase.

In 2023, sustainability work in Lippulaiva will continue. Focus points will be energy usage optimization, sustainable way of operating the centre and cooperation with the local community.


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