Maia e-Hub – The largest public charging hub for electric vehicles in a city
22 march 2021 | Location: Maia

The Maia City Council together with EDP Comercial, a Portuguese energy provider, have just opened the largest public hub in a Portuguese city, provided by the MOBI.E network, which will make a critical contribution to increase the charging options available to electric mobility clients in the municipality, also promoting a cleaner and more sustainable city. The hub is installed next to Fórum da Maia, in a central area of the city, near most of the city services.

Drivers can now charge their electric vehicles in the city centre. This partnership between EDP Comercial and the Municipality is an outstanding example of collaboration between public and private entities in developing electric mobility.

At Maia, the users of the electric vehicles will have nine charging points available, one of them being a fast charging. This, in only half an hour, provides about 100km of driving autonomy. This charging hub is included in the city’s energy and sustainable mobility transition strategy, anchored in the “BaZe – Living Lab Maia – Net Zero Carbon City” project.

The Mayor, António Silva Tiago, stresses that “Maia aims to be the first city in the country to achieve carbon neutrality. By opening the e-Hub, the largest public hub in a Portuguese city, we are investing in energy transition” and that “the partnership with EDP Comercial demonstrates that it is by joining forces that we build the future”.

For EDP Comercial, this is an important step towards increasing electric mobility uptake in Portugal aiming to achieve a clean energy transition. The company has been leading the supply of public charging solutions, being untill now, the operator with the largest charging infrastructure growth. EDP is also the customer’s choice, having provided already 125,000 vehicles charging through its MOBI.E network, thus avoiding more than 1,100 tons of CO2 emissions. The widespread adoption of electric mobility, in the different types of available vehicles, by private and business consumers, will be keystone to meet the ambitious decarbonization goals both at national and European level.

With BaZe – Living Lab, Maia is promoting the decarbonisation of the city through the implementation of technological solutions that increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, as is the case with the e-HUB, improving citizens’s life quality and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.