Maia Kids City vision 2050
24 august 2021 | Location: Maia
Smart Cities

Under SPARCS Task 1.7. City Vision 2050 project, and together with the Corim elementary school of the Águas Santas Schools Association (AESCAS), with the aim of co-creating a desired vision of the city of Maia for 2050 among the community of citizens, the Municipality launched the Maia Kids City Vision challenge.

Aware that the future belongs to today’s children, Maia asked to young students to draw and make their own vision statements within a process of participatory citizenship, in the process of envisioning Maia in 2050.

The ideas were presented by a universe of 50 students, oriented by 2 teachers. The work was developed to support the City Vision Workshop, held on November 2020 and, after receiving the results of this partnership, the Municipality, proud and recognized by the wonderful and creative ideas and illustrations received, which revealed a deep civic awareness and willingness to work in building-up a better future in the path of carbon neutrality and energy positiveness, prepared a virtual exhibition and recorded some of the main statements.

With this collaboration, we address the fulfilment of an important objective of the project – to inform and facilitate the urban transformation of cities into carbon-neutral and energetically positive societies, ensuring a solid and fruitful collaboration between the city and citizens towards the development of a common and shared vision of the city by 2050.