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13 february 2024 | Location: Maia
Urban transformation sustainable urban development

SPARCS fellow-city Maia has once again contributed to the European Urban Initiative (EUI) during the 3rd EUI peer review held in Kalisz, Poland on 31 January – 1 February 2024. This event follows Maia’s previous engagement as a ‘City under Review’ in the inaugural EUI peer review session in Thessaloniki, Greece, in June 2023.

During the initial review, Maia showcased its commitment to sustainable urban development with a forward-thinking strategy for 2030. The city highlighted impactful initiatives driven by SPARCS, including its Bold City Vision, Implementation Plan, and Roadmap for Urban Transformation.

In the latest peer review exercise, Maia reprised its role, this time as a “City Peer”. The cities under review included the Kalisko Ostrowska Agglomeration and Pleszew in Poland, along with Pula in Croatia. This was a collaborative effort involving 18 peers from seven countries (Romania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and Greece), making the event a truly international affair.

Contributing expertise

Maia contributed its expertise as part of the City Peers group, focusing on analysing the sustainable urban development strategy of Pleszew. The three guiding questions for discussion revolved around the outflow of young people, the lack of attractiveness in the city centre, and the urban-rural linkages. Throughout the sessions, Maia shared valuable insights into collaborative methodologies, particularly within the context of social neighbourhoods like Sobreiro, a key stage in the implementation of Maia’s positive energy district under SPARCS.

The Peer Reviews, integral to the capacity building component of the EUI, serve as a vital workshop tool. They enable cities to be assessed by their peers and relevant stakeholders, facilitating the benchmarking of their sustainable urban development strategies. Maia’s continued active involvement underscores its dedication to driving positive change and fostering innovation in urban development on the European stage.