Maia promotes “Roadmap for Urban Transformation”
19 april 2023 | Location: Maia
Urban transformation

On the 12th of April, Maia’s City Council organized a  workshop promoting the “Roadmap for Urban Transformation”. The initiative took place within the scope of the SPARCS project – Sustainable Energy Positive & zero carbon Communities to demonstrate innovative solutions in terms of urban energy systems to transform cities into sustainable ecosystems focused on the community.

Maia’s City Councilor did the opening of the meeting for the Environment and Quality of Life of the Municipality of Maia, Marta Peneda, for whom this meeting represents “another sign of the Municipality’s strong commitment to decarbonizing Maia’s territory”.

More than 50 participants came from a diversified range of entities, such as the public business sector, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and group citizens for the strategic framework presentations with a strong focus on Maia’s strategic priorities within SPARCS. This included a focus on sustainable urban mobility, ensured by Paula Teles, coordinator of Maia’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), energy transition by Hélder Rodrigues,es coordinator in the sustainability and mobility department from the national energy agency ADENE, and Digital Transition by João Tremoceiro, director of the Department of Urban Intelligence of Lisbon Municipality.

 “Key Strategic Areas” tables, according to Maia’s City Vision 2050: Urban Development, Energy, Mobility, Integrated & Inclusive City and Smart & Sustainable City, was another topic of the workshop. Based on the five key strategic areas defined in the 2050 City Vision, also the result of a collaborative work process with the local ecosystem, and through a co-creation methodology in order to design a roadmap for urban transformation, the participants were able to identify, prioritize and measure objectives and targets for implementation until 2050.

Now Maia’s SPARCS consortium will proceed to a finer analysis of the contributions obtained for each of the five strategic visions for consolidating the “Roadmap for Urban Transformation” that will lead Maia to an intelligent, integrated, decentralized and carbon-positive urban and energy system by 2050.