Media meeting highlights energy-positive areas and SPARCS Project
27 september 2023
Positive Energy Districts

In a recent face-to-face media meeting held in Helsinki, several leading media outlets gathered to discuss Finland’s progress in the development of energy-positive urban areas as part of the SPARCS project, in line with the European Union’s ambitious goals.

The event, held on September 1st, marked an important moment for highlighting the significance of energy-positive areas in achieving the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. The European Union aims to establish one hundred such regions by 2025, underscoring their pivotal role in the sustainable energy landscape.

Initiated in 2019, the EU SPARCS project embarked on a five-year journey to explore innovative solutions for the advancement of energy-positive areas. This collaborative endeavor involves active participation from various sectors, including businesses, research organizations, and local communities.

Organized by Finnish SPARCS partners RIL, VTT, and Siemens, this media meeting aimed to convey the significance of energy-positive areas in advancing climate-neutral cities. It also explored how the built environment can accelerate the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

While the meeting was conducted in Finnish, its message resonated globally, shedding light on Finland’s role as a pioneering force in the development of energy-positive urban areas and its dedication to achieving climate targets set by the EU and the Paris Climate Agreement.