Municipality of Maia presents the new environmentally friendly car fleet
23 march 2022 | Location: Maia

On March 19, Maia City Council presented its new car fleet, which as a whole is made up of 60% electric vehicles and the remaining plug-in hybrids, promoting the transition to an eco-friendly fleet. 

The new environment-friendly vehicles, powered mostly by electricity, contribute to a more ecological and sustainable mobility, with reduced or zero CO2 emissions, in line with the strategic vision of the municipality for the integral sustainability of the territory. 

Maia aims to be the first Portuguese city to achieve carbon neutrality, with projects like  BaZe – Living Lab and SPARCS – Sustainable energy Positive & Zero Carbon Communities playing a very important role in the creation of a sustainable path towards that goal.

The Mayor, António Silva Tiago, highlights: “…this effective step taken by the Municipality unequivocally represents a change in the energy paradigm, starting to considerably abandon the consumption of fossil fuels, adopting an environmentally friendly consumption, whose impacts on air quality are incomparably less harmful. These vehicles are going to answer the needs of  the various municipal services in areas such as police, civil protection and other areas of intervention, and are going to be used in a logic of shared services, assuring additional management efficiency…”.

In line with the efforts of investing in infrastructure that enables soft mobility  (walking and cycling) as well as in the public transport system,  Maia opened in the city center, in March 2021, the e-Hub, the largest public charging station for electric vehicles in a portuguese city.

Maia – Together we build a sustainable future.