ON Power opens a new quick-charging station, 3 times more productive, in Reykjavik, Iceland.
25 february 2021 | Location: Reykjavik

ON Power, a subsidiary of Reykjavik Energy, has put the latest generation of the company‘s quick-charging stations into operation, featuring a 150kW charging capacity. The station is a part of the Orkan multi-energy station at Miklabraut street, Reykjavik, which opened in May 2019. The multi-energy station offers access to all renewable energy sources produced in Iceland, along with conventional fossil fuel.

At the new quick-charging stations two vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the same station. If two cars are being charged at the same time, the power source is divided between the two, making the maximum charging capacity 75kW per plug. Maximum charging capacity can, however, differ from one electric vehicle to another. Ultimately, it is the car that dictates how fast it takes in the electricity – the charging station merely delivers what the car in question can receive.

Ten 150kW quick-charging stations planned this year

“At ON Power, we have already ordered ten 150kW quick-charging stations which we plan to install during 2020, with two of them already in operation. These new stations are actually quite revolutionary for electric vehicle owners because they make charging in no time possible,” says Hafrún Thorvaldsdóttir, project manager for the ON Power charging network. The company awaits the delivery of more stations, but the COVID-19 outbreak has derailed the production to some extent. Nevertheless, ON Power is hoping to complete the installation of all the 150kW stations this fall, around the country. It is important for EV owners in Reykjavik to be able to use their electric vehicle around the country as that encourage even more increased number of electric vehicles.

Over 50 ON Power quick-charging stations around the country

In 2014, ON Power began the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles when the first quick-charging station was opened at Saevarhofdi street in Reykjavik, Iceland. This development is an integral part of the company’s strategy to be at the forefront of energy exchange in Icelandic transport.

ON Power manages Iceland’s biggest network of quick-charging stations, with more than 50 stations in total. The company focuses on expanding and improving the quick-charging network, in order to best serve the ever-increasing number of owners of electric vehicles.