Online Contest launched by M-Sec Project
05 august 2021
Smart Cities Citizen Engagement Digitalisation

M-Sec Project, EU and Japan R&D research and innovation project launched an online contest for developers, entrepreneurs, startups, data scientists, the research and innovation community, in general, to develop collaboratively an innovative early-stage business idea that makes cities more efficient, intelligent, sustainable and secure. 

For who? Developers,  entrepreneurs, startups, data scientists, university students, the research community, persons interested in making their city a better place. 
When? Applications are open until the 26th of August 2021, at 5 PM CET. The competition will take place between the 6th and 10th of September 2021. 

How to apply ? Fill in the application form
The challenge?  Participants must be at least a team of 3 members ( from the EU, H2020 Associated Countries or Japan) and put together a business idea ( concept phase) that addresses a city challenge- either from Santander (Spain) or Fujisawa (Japan) and uses the M-Sec framework as a security and privacy element of that business case. The main goal is to leverage the M-Sec framework and, at the same time, provide other business models and use cases where M-Sec can be used, to make cities smarter and more cyber secure. 
The reward: Winners will have more mentoring hours to refine their business idea and then have the possibility to meet with the City Council Representatives of Santander or Fujisawa to present the idea, and potentially explore the possibility to implement it.

The event is free of charge. 

More information here .