Opportunities by Energy Communities
28 august 2022 | Location: Espoo
Smart Cities

Energy communities are a social concept focusing on local energy production and distribution, that have gained traction recently due to the move towards more sustainable energy systems. The aim of energy communities is to expand the acceptance of renewable energy by enhancing citizen engagement and social cohesion. In addition, energy communities aim to increase the role that citizens have in the energy transition via expanded funding options.

As part of the SPARCS activities related to city planning for positive energy blocks (task T3.2.3), the City of Espoo examined different opportunities offered by energy community legislation and new cost-efficient renewable energy generation and distribution technologies. The work gives an overview of the existing regulations on energy communities, including a short literature review on existing research networks and projects related to energy communities. The report also contains information about three energy community case examples, which were studied as part of a case study. Lastly, the potential to form an energy community in the Kera district, which is one of the demonstration areas in Espoo, was assessed and presented in the report. 

To learn more about Energy communities, we invite you to consult the full paper below.