PEDs Solution Booklet published by the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS)
25 february 2021
Positive Energy Districts

“Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are energy-efficient and energy-flexible urban areas or groups of connected buildings which produce net zero greenhouse gas emissions and actively manage an annual local or regional surplus production of renewable energy. They require integration of different systems and infrastructures and interaction between buildings, the users and the regional energy, mobility and ICT systems, while securing the energy supply and a good life for all in line with social, economic and environmental sustainability.”

PEDs are gaining importance, both as urban innovation labs and as concrete, on-the-ground projects for creating future proof, energy-positive and climate-neutral urban living environments.

This PEDs solution booklet is a summary of the management framework, primarily written for cities. It seeks to reduce the effort, speed up the process, strengthen quality and confidence in outputs, align across disciplines, and generally prepare a city to engage the market to acquire a solution specifically in the area of PEDs. 

SPARCS has been an active part in the development of this solution booklet.