Positive Energy Districts: The 10 Replicated Solutions in Maia, Reykjavik, Kifissia, Kladno and Lviv
20 january 2023 | Location: Kifissia, Kladno, Lviv, Maia, Reykjavik
Smart Cities Positive Energy Districts

The five cities of Maia, Reykjavik, Kifissia, Kladno, and Lviv have taken the initial steps in transforming their communities to be more energy sufficient. The paper describes the 10 solutions that were inspired by the work being done in Espoo and Leipzig, the two Lighthouse cities. Each city’s story is different and what works in one city might not work as well in another city. However, the five cities have worked rigorously in the past months and will continue to do so to implement more and more solutions for the betterment of their society.

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