Presentation of Maia Municipality on SPARCS Webinar
25 february 2021 | Location: Maia

On Sparcs webinar that took place on the 21st of january, Marta Moreira from Maia Municipality, represented the Maia SPARCS Team, made an presentation of project SPARCS in Maia and Luísa Serra, from the Portuguese partner NEW R&D, explained what we are considering doing regarding the replication project ideas.

In Marta Moreira presentation it was explained how the project has evolved in the municipality of Maia, how we are gathering the project ideas and planning the 2nd phase and highlighted some ideas for this 2nd phase.

Maia has proudly embraced SPARCS project, its challenges and objectives proactively seeking advice, expertise, know-how and assistance from the lighthouse cities and partners.

Maia aims to develope a sustainable integrated territory that embeds and promotes the sustainable energy solutions developed in the lighthouse and fellow cities.

Considering this, Maia is doing efforts in order to raise awareness among the important stakeholders, gathering to the discussion and co-creation phase representatives of a wide spectrum, along the work done under the on-site strategic week and the City Vision Workshop.

On Luísa Serra presentation, has been said that Maia’s implementation plan will address the challenges identified. This will be done based on the solutions that are being implemented in SPARCS lighthouse cities of Espoo and Leipzig. These solutions will be thoroughly analysed regarding their impact and the replicability and scalability potential.

The next steps will be to include more impact evaluation and the integration of technical pre-requisites. This will pave the way for an effective replication.