Registration for the SPARCS FINAL CONFERENCE: Sparking Transformation Towards Sustainable Cities.
19 june 2024

The registration for SPARCS FINAL CONFERENCE: Sparking Transformation Towards Sustainable Cities, is now open! You can register to attend the event until 23 August via this link.

This event will take place from September 11th to 12th, 2024, in Espoo, Finland. As we reflect on our learnings, successes, and outcomes, we will offer meetings, public presentations, and networking opportunities, as well as visits to SPARCS demo sites showcasing the solutions implemented in SPARCS.

You can find more info about the final agenda here: SPARCS_Final_conference_agenda-1

During the conference, SPARCS lighthouse cities – Espoo and Leipzig – will look back at the milestones achieved in positive energy districts, mobility, energy, and ICT systems and try to answer the most important question: what comes next?

At the same time, SPARCS Fellow Cities Kladno, Reykjavik, Maia, Kifissia, and Lviv will present their plans for replication and upscaling as they strive to transform their cities.

Join us at the SPARCS final conference as we try to answer the questions of how we can turn cities into sustainable, energy-positive, zero-carbon communities with citizens at the centre so we can create the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Visit the website for further information on the agenda, travel arrangements and more.