04 june 2021 | Location: Reykjavik

The SPARCS Innovation Workshop in Reykjavik was held at the City Hall May 25th. Andrew Byrne, Deputy Head of Mission to the Embassy of the European Union in Iceland made the opening speech. The goal of day was to discuss, verify and improve first ideas for innovation projects and measures developed during the SPARCS first phases.

The workshop
An interdisciplinary group of 29 participants looked at ten selected projects related to energy exchange and climate issues and examined their feasibility and possibilities for implementation in Reykjavik. The results from the workshop will help Reykjavík develop the project ideas further and define concrete next steps for implementation. During the workshop concepts and approaches were identified for integrating public and private stakeholders from the city as well as possible financing opportunities. Furthermore an informal voting found place, where the participants voted for their top three projects.

Participants were a broad group representing The City, Reykjavik Energy,  Iceland Public Bus Network, The University of Iceland and Reykjavík University, citizens’ representatives, experts in green investments, sustainability and more.

The SPARCS projects will be an important contribution to the Reykjavik Green Deal and to the city’s application to be part of the elite group of 100 carbon-neutral cities.