Reykjavík’s Hlemmur Mobility Hub: Sustainable Urban Transformation in Partnership with SPARCS
SPARCS Reykjavik
19 march 2024 | Location: Reykjavik
urban mobility

The SPARCS fellow city of Reykjavík is gearing up for a transformative phase in its Hlemmur Mobility Hub project. The much-anticipated Phase III construction is set to commence this spring, marking a pivotal step towards a sustainable and energy-efficient urban environment.

Reykjavík’s Hlemmur Mobility Hub project, which is an integral part of the SPARCS implementation in the city, showcases the city’s unwavering commitment to sustainable urban development. As construction progresses, the citizens eagerly anticipate the realisation of a revitalised Hlemmtorg, poised to become a vibrant epicentre for community engagement and cultural expression. 

The focal point of this development lies in the conversion of the square area in front of the Hlemmur Food Hall. The space, currently reserved for vehicles, will be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly area, merging with the adjacent small square to create the expansive Hlemmtorg, or Hlemmur Square. This square will serve as a community hub for various activities, emphasising the city’s commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness.

The construction itself promises a rejuvenated Hlemmtorg, featuring new surface materials, seating facilities, recreational areas, and lush vegetation. A sustainable approach to surface water treatment underscores the city’s dedication to eco-friendly urban development. A newly established cycling path will weave through the area, connecting Hverfisgata Street and Laugavegur Street up to Brietartún Street.

Noteworthy features include the relocation of Sigurjón Ólafsson’s horse statue, a local landmark, to a more prominent position closer to the Food Hall. A water feature reminiscent of the historic Hlemmur water fountain is also on the agenda, promising an artistic and inviting atmosphere.