Scientific paper proposed a pioneering design for PED Database
25 january 2022
Smart Cities

Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are crucial to promoting the sustainable development of urban areas and the transition of cities towards a climate-neutral energy system. 

But researchers and practitioners dealing with PED implementation often struggle to get reliable and systematic information and data repository on existing PED cases.

Now, a new scientific paper presents a pioneering design of the new PED Database that will allow researchers to map and compare PED experiences. 

The paper was developed by several organisations within the COST Action PED-EU-NET, including CVUT, leading the coordination efforts with other PED initiatives within SPARCS. 

As a result, SPARCS PED case studies will become among the first to appear in the database. 

The exact parameters that need to be collected for the database are currently coordinated with IEA Annex 83 and JPI Urban Europe. The first data collection is expected to be ready in the coming months, after which the database launched on the PED-EU-NET website.

Main contributions come from researchers affiliated Demir Enerji, Unibo, IREC and CIEMAT, representing a host of European PED focused projects (Syn.ikia, Making City, Greta and others).

Find out more about the scientific paper here.