Smart Kladno – from visions to investment opportunities
18 july 2023 | Location: Kladno
Smart Cities

A discussion seminar on the use of smart systems in the management process of cities and municipalities was held in Kladno within the Framework of the Kladno City Energy Development Platform. The seminar brought together representatives of the city, Kladno’s partners in the field of “Smart City” – the cities of Prague and Písek and representatives of ICT operators as well as private technology firms that offer solutions to the public and private sectors.

“The purpose of these workshops is to get more from the collection and monitoring of various data to the management of buildings, projects, etc. The common denominator is the digitalization and growth of knowledge and skills of people who are engaged in the cities in cooperation with partners in Smart City planning,” stated David Škorňa, coordinator of international projects of the City of Kladno focused on sustainable energy, such as Sparcs or GLocalFlex.

The main topics of the meeting were the presentation of “smart” systems and sensors used by the city of Kladno, the possibilities of digitalization and the use of open data, expected trends, funding opportunities and the experience of partners. Discussions included camera systems, sensors, smart metering, and how to inspire people to think innovatively within their agendas. The debate revolved around the meaningfulness of smart projects, support or obstacles in legislation and government, strategy development and much more.

Representatives of the cities of Písek and Prague and CVUT UCEEB shared their experiences in the field of innovative projects.