SPARCS article on positive energy district selected as Editor’s Choice article by Buildings. MDPI Journal
08 april 2022
Positive Energy Districts

Class A article !!- Recently published article focusing on positive energy districts has been selected as an Editor’s Choice article by Journal: Buildings MDPI. It is selected based on taking into account downloads, citations, reviews of reviewers, academic editors, novelty of the article, and so on. This article is published under SPARCS project and written by VTT team.

This paper strives to inform the public, decision makers and fellow researchers about the aspects that should be accounted for when planning and implementing different types of PEDs in different regions throughout the European Union. The renewable energy environment varies between different EU regions, in terms of the available renewable energy sources, energy storage potential, population, energy consumption behaviour, costs and regulations, which affect the design and operation of PEDs, and hence, no PED is like the other. This paper provides clear definitions for different types of PEDs, a survey of the renewable energy market circumstances in the EU and a detailed analysis of factors that play an essential role in the PED planning process.

This topic is becoming important for the future energy transition projects and research activities as it creates a big impact on the societies, communities and users, especially towards climate adaptation and carbon neutrality.

Congratulations to colleagues from VTT: Oscar Lindholm, Hassam ur Rehman and Francesco Reda. Acknowledgement to: VTT team in SPARCS!
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