SPARCS at IEA EBC – Annex 83 – Positive Energy Districts meeting
17 april 2023

The experts, students and professors from around the world gathered to discuss the progress in Annex 83 over the last six months and also planned future activities. The meeting, which took place 12-14 April in Palermo, Italy and took place in Università degli Studi di Palermo and co-hosted by VTT.

Attendees discussed the Positive Energy District technical KPIs and simulation and modelling activities as well as the social and environmental KPIs at a specially organised workshop. All the PED demo cases, examples and handbook were also among the topics of discussion for the two days. The aim of Annex 83 is to develop an in-depth definition of PED (Positive Energy District) and the technologies, planning tools and planning and decision-making process related to positive energy districts. Experience and data to be used in the Annex will be gained from demonstration cases.

As SPARCS also focuses on the Positive Energy Districts, a dedicated team of projects supporting the dissemination activity in Annex 83 by actively publishing articles and conference articles and sharing the case studies data/information.

The next meeting is planned in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 11-15 September, and will be connected with CISBAT conference. Until then, more than 10 new articles are expected to be presented and disseminated.