SPARCS Evaluation Framework and Replication Considerations webinar
26 october 2021
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The SPARCS webinar under the title “Evaluation Framework and Replication Considerations “ consisted of two parts.

The first part was dedicated to the Impact Assessment Framework developed for the needs of the SPARCS project.
In order to give a clear picture of the distinct steps followed by the SPARCS technical partners, information was provided on the methodology followed to define the holistic evaluation framework. The literature review of the relevant frameworks, the analysis of the various approaches to defining a comprehensive list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as the data collection and normalization procedures were briefly presented. In addition, the evaluation process and thoughts on the next steps were mentioned so that the understanding of the SPARCS philosophy on the Impact Assessment Framework to be broad.

In the second part of the webinar, replication indicators, that contribute towards building a holistic Impact assessment framework, were in focus. 
With the target to enable a projection of impact indicators when solutions are considered and deployed at Lighthouse, Fellow or other cities, available replication indicators were presented followed by the SPARCS approach, which offers a practical alternative to “screen” both city/district characteristics, as well as the requirements of the solutions. Examples and a pool of indicative indicators, combined with considerations of how this approach will support the overall SPARCS replication strategy, in addition to serving as a basis for an enhanced knowledge pool, concluded this part.