Retrato Alfredo Cunha no foúm da Maia
13 october 2022 | Location: Maia
Smart Cities

SPARCS fellow city Maia organises a joint meeting on October 13th between SPARCS and two new Horizon projects: OMEGA-X and EHHUR, leading the way for the energy transition in the city. Local SPARCS partners NEW R&D, SPI and AdE Porto will work together on the three projects to boost climate neutrality in Maia. 

In addition to the work done in SPARCS, The EYES HEARTS HANDS Urban Revolution (EHHUR) will develop and test a methodology to support community involvement and co-design. OMEGA-X aims to implement a data space based on common European standards, including a federated infrastructure, a data market and a services market.

The three H2020 projects will visit several infrastructures and types of equipment spread across Maia to discuss how the energy transition be successfully implemented on the ground through shared collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Follow our website and social media accounts for the outcomes of this joint meeting.