SPARCS Know-how for the Montessori School in Leipzig
SPARCS Leipzig
04 april 2024 | Location: Leipzig
Energy efficiency energy solutions

Being knowledgeable about energy and one’s own energy consumption is important, and the significance of its importance will increase in the coming years. Therefore, SPARCS partner – GmbH thought to introduce this topic to young, curious individuals. shares the enthusiasm for modern energy solutions with the Montessori School in Leipzig-Grünau, particularly with the school’s own Sustainability Group. They have equipped the students with their very own balcony solar power system with which they can experiment and precisely explore the functionality and monitor the generation patterns. Additionally, they have installed numerous digital electricity meters in the school buildings and integrated them into The art room was also equipped with more detailed measurement technology.

The students can now see how much energy the classroom, kitchen and ventilation systems consume and to what extent this consumption can be influenced by their own behaviour (and to what extent not).

The collected (anonymous) consumption data can be used by the Sustainability Group and by the school’s sponsor – the Diocese of Meißen – for further optimisations. It is likely that one or more PV systems will be installed in the future (although the statics are a challenge), or perhaps some hidden consumers will be uncovered.

Our partners from are eager to see what insights will be gathered here in the coming months and years and have committed themselves to further supporting the project. Next, a tour of the Baumwollspinnerei is planned for the students to introduce them to our SPARCS project. Thanks to the SPARCS project, has achieved the state-of-the-art technology and maturity level it can proudly demonstrate today. At the Spinnerei, we have digitised the entire site and monitor and optimise energy consumption and the generation of decentralised sustainable energy. Within the framework of SPARCS, CENERO Energy GmbH has implemented various innovative measures, which will be demonstrated and explained to the students during the tour. The experiences we have gathered here have contributed to the implementation of the small school project.