SPARCS Podcast – How a virtual power plant helps with the energy transition
13 september 2023 | Location: Leipzig
Virtual Power Plants

New Episode of “Urban Data in Connected Cities and Regions” Podcast Explores Leipzig’s pioneering efforts in  the coordination of the renewable energy supply.

In the latest episode of the “Urban Data in Connected Cities and Regions” podcast, available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, listeners delve into the critical role played by the energy sector in climate protection. Across various industries, fossil fuels are steadily being replaced by renewable energy sources. This transition, however, presents a major challenge: effectively coordinating the numerous small decentralized power sources like solar panels and wind turbines to ensure a secure and stable power supply.

The city of Leipzig, located in the heart of Europe, is addressing this challenge as part of the EU project SPARCS. Leipzig is currently piloting a cutting-edge virtual power plant to explore innovative solutions to this energy coordination challenge. 

In this episode of “Urban Data in Networked Cities and Regions,” Julia Schließauf and Sebastian Böhm provide a comprehensive explanation how such a virtual power plant works and who benefits from it. Julia Schließauf is a project manager at the Digital City Unit and is responsible for the EU project SPARCS, among other things. Sebastian Böhm is a digital expert with a focus on data science and also works as a project manager at the City of Leipzig.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of Leipzig’s efforts in renewable energy coordination and the impact it promises in the broader context of climate action: